Exporting surfaces of a simple polygon with a material applied to it

Hello internet!

I am only a day or so into my evaluation of Rhino and – while I’m really enjoying it – I want to make sure that what I’m trying to achieve is possible with it before I fall deeper into the rabbit hole. Forgive me if I overexplain it… I’ll try to be concise but because I’m so new with the program I don’t really know what details will be irrelevant and I don’t want to leave anything important out.

The project I’m working on is the vinyl wrap of a series of tables – trying to print something that will then be applied to all the visible surfaces of the table (essentially, in this example, a 23 x 30 x 1.5 box with chamfered edges on the top) so that it can be more durable and less expensive but still have at least the appearance of a more expensive wood.

The best fit for this was a material package I found here that procedurally generates the grain with lots of flexibility for adapting so that each table will be unique and is a 3D material rather than just a texture, so the wood grain flows appropriately over the edges and the end grain matches properly.

I’ve been searching through this forum and reddit, and I can’t seem to find a way to apply a material to the table object, then (I think this is the right tool) unroll it but keep the image of the wood grain applied to those surfaces as it was when it was still rolled up. And THEN, I need to be able to export all of that as a flat image I can stitch together in photoshop to print on the vinyl to then wrap the real life tables.

Also, I’ll need to have pretty high resolution images (300dpi on ~ 815 sqin).

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks so much for your attention.

Whew, hello again!

Just in case anyone in the future is looking for a way to solve the same issue as me, here’s what I did (I’d be interested to hear a non bandaid solution if anyone out there has it):

[unroll] was actually a dead end – [bake] was what I was looking for. It exports a .bmp file at your specified resolution which you then can open in photoshop and Frankenstein together into something that’ll print for a wrap.

I honestly haven’t had this sense of accomplishment since playing Kings Quest games on my old 286.

Stay beautiful everyone.

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