Help with texture onto surface

please see attached simple surface, all I am trying to do is apply the image to it and keep ratio so it does not distort… for some reason I am struggling… I have tried different texture mapping with no joy… many thanks

surface-01.3dm (99.1 KB)

Hi @rfollett ,

I uploaded a video with a way to unwrap the surface so that the aspect ratio of the texture (and surface) is maintained.

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Nathan, I guess it would be good to allow snapping to the image border or at least the corners in UVEdit mode - is that possible do you think?
RH-66300 UVEditor: allow Snapping to the UV rectangle

Another way that I generally use rather than UV mapping for simple shapes like this is to make the surface from a rebuilt curve (Rebuild) with a lot of points before extruding, then the default surface mapping may look just fine because the UV will be nice and even.


I don’t know if it is possible at the moment, but best to log a YT item. I think that would be a good addition for the UV Editor improvements by @Jussi_Aaltonen

But indeed that would be essentially what I mention during the video: one could place a set of points, or why not even the surface itself (or copy thereof) unrolled. Then you can snap to that.

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thank you guys - seems it should be much easier - like apply this image to this surface!

Actually, for this surface it can be as simple as that. I’ve made a recording where I recreate the surface to be much simpler, so that it gives useful surface mapping which is the default mapping for Rhino objects.

thank you for your help and taking the time to create the video… I tested and worked fine… So I guess the important thing here is how you create the surface …

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