Request for help rendering wood: applying different textures for side grain and end grain

Dear community and experts,

I am pulling my hair out trying to render a sheet of ply with stripey edges. I have created a box of dimensions 2440x1220x18mm

I have 2 texture images, one of wood grain, and one of endgrain stripes (see bottom of message).

I essentially need to seperate out the top and bottom faces of the sheet so that they display the grain texture, and have the stripe texture running around the 18mm edges.

I have figured out various ways of doing one or the other. I have watched tutorials on UV mapping etc.

Ideally I would like to create a material that takes care of this challenge and applies the textures in the right places for me every time as I model a lot of wood/ply.

Thank you for any help

First thing I do is put all the objects with the same material on the same layer. So one layer for your top & bottom ply sheets and another layer for your sides.

Then I would use a texture that already has an image file attached to it. I have used a hammer texture.

I then replace the image with your wood image.

Do the same for the edges / sides.

You may hac=ve to scale the image to get correct look.

To use these again, save them to your render softwares library. I was just using Rhino Render in Rhino for Mac. This should be a pretty standard workflow across most render programs.

IHTH «Randy

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