Export with metal texture/color


I have a mesh, which I would like to export as I see it when using the environment map. When I go under ‘rendering’ en press render, I can download it this way only in a particular color with particular reflects. I dont see how to ass the metal-style.

Any help is greatly appreciated :).

Hello - this is view based (emap) so the target application would need to provide the same type of mapping and get the same image to map…


Hi Pascal, thank you for your reply. I dont really understand how to do it :(. To make it simpler I attached the file I get when trying to export it with a nice color (the model is to big to be downloaded there apparently)

If you could explain me how to get an image that does not look so dark as in my saved file, but which look brighter as in the model file, it would be very helpful. In general I am a bit block on how to save files using nice metal or other like wood texture :(.


Hi Cam - can you send this file via www.rhino3d.com/upload, to my attention?


Hi Pascal! Thank you so much for your help! I finally ended up making it nicer using the sun parameter :). Let me know if there is any trick regarding how to export using nice texture, for know I am using “rendered”.


Hi @cam

I think you are mistaking “export” for “render”! Export means converting the 3D data to another format/file type in order to be used in another piece of software; *.obj, *.stp, *.stl etc. I believe what you are looking for is a rendering, a 2D representation of your 3D model, so that you can put it in a PDF, open it in Photoshop, print it on paper or similar. Depending on what version of Rhino you are using, there are different option, but one thing is important, no matter what version of Rhino and what render engine you use: the environment! When rendering metals, the material will only “look alive” if it has something to reflect. The default environment/HDRi in Rhino 6 is a little boring, so you might want to change that - there are a few alternatives included with Rhino, and a lot to be found online. www.hdrihaven.com is a great place to start. If you’re on Rhino 6, you might want to look into the Raytraced display mode, as it will not only reflect the HDRi, but also use it to actually light your model, providing easy and realistic lighting. Check the help file on both environment and raytraced :smiley:

HTH, Jakob