Exporting objects from 3d to 2d CAD

Is there a simple way to export an object (in this case a curve off a surface) in whatever plane I choose so that when the file is opened in say autocad 2d I can see the curve in the plane that I exported from?

If the curve is planar, try first _CPlane>_Object to set the CPlane temporarily to the object’s plane, then use _RemapCPlane to map it from there to the World Top plane, then Export.

It may also be just easier if it’s only one object/curve to use _Orient3Pt and pick 3 points in the plane of the object, then 3 points on the world top plane like 0, somewhere along the X axis and somewhere along the Y axis.

Ok thanks, or its as easy just to rotate about zero point then in end view. Just thought there might be a setting I could change to make it kind of default…