Curves to mesh

Hi, I am completely new to rhino, I received a model from a client, long story short, I need to send it to another program to be able to work on it. However, the object is in curves and I need to convert it to mesh before I can export it out. Even in shaded mode its not in mesh.

First step would be to ask the client to provide a mesh.
If that is not possible, you need to post a file so someone can take a look it it.

Unfortunately, this is the best that they can provide, as well as I wont be able to send to anyone because of NDA.

There’s the MeshFromLines command maybe that helps?

Thank you so much

A set of curves could describe virtually anything. You are going to need to surface those curves somehow and without seeing them, it’s impossible to say how exactly. Once they are surfaced, you can easily create a mesh to export.

it also would be helpful to mention the target software for suggestions on how to export.