3d Object from 2D Profile

I am trying to create a 5-sided planar polygon.In the image I have various reference points shown in white. The white lines are all at the origin plane (Y=0). The blue lines are in a different plane.

I drew the top line segments along the top and right diagonal using known 3d points (The left blue diagonal is in the process of being drawn in the screen shot)

Then I do either set the CPlain to that object or the 3 points (same result either way).
Then I do ProjectOSnap enable

Now I want to close the curve so that, from the side view, it appears that its goes through the points circled. I don’t care what the Y value is as long as the X and Z values are the same as in the profile.

As shown, through my usage, Rhino insists on drawing the points projected to somewhere else.

(The diagonal line from the circled point is rhino’s projection line.)

How can I get a 3d polygon to match a 2d profile?

Here’s what it looks like in 3d. The yellow shows almost how I would like to complete the curve (but the points are off, not following the white profile.).

Hi big jim, did you have any luck with your drawing? I can say I was confused to understand your dillema . Not hard for me. You sound new to Rhino. If so, look into the training manuels provided. Also do you have a button on called Planer ?
Try again to get help here. Mark

I never got a good answer. I ended up creating a planar surface then extruding into it.

Well, don’t give up here. Many people will help. As said before try again .

I’m not sure what you’re after precisely, but it sounds like a projection or osnap issue. Check your project & snap settings are correct.