Exporting Nurbs to Maya

I’m trying to get the objects I made in Rhino to maya for animation purposes.

I’ve tried IGS and FBX but both have some problems as can be seen in the following screenshot:
Anyone has experience in what format is best to use, or how to solve these problems?

Hi Peter - Backfacing surfaces in Rhino will show according to the current ‘flip’ flag on a surface - this is not necessarily the same as the natural (right hand rule) normal direction of the surface - I doubt IGES cares about Rhino’s flip flag and transfers the surfaces with their real normals. Are there controls in Maya to edit U and V directions?


I am able to flip the surface in maya, but this is only one part of my model, it would take a lot of manual handling to find and flip all the back facing objects in maya. Does rhino have any option to bake the flip-flags to “real” flipped objects?

although, if you look at the screenshot, IGS seems to do flipping pretty well, it just doesnt handle the bools very well as it would seem. The FBX had a lot of backfacing (black faces on my model in screenshot)