Maya autodesk

What is the best way to transfer my rhino data to Maya autodesk to configure it there (so I can add my images to a pre existing image I made from another source)?

It’s been a long time since I heard that question.
If I remember correctly, Exporting or SaveAs to IGES, and use the “Maya” IGES Type settings.

IGES + Make sure u understand that Rhino “Z” axis will be translated to Maya “Y” axis.
u can change maya “up” axis to “Z” to prevent flipping the model later.

It seems to be having trouble. I am using Maya 2015. The IGES with Maya setting comes up with an error when I try to pull it up with Maya. Any other ideas that i could try or something that i am possibly doing wrong? Im pretty new to all of this.

Which other file formats have you tried? .fbx might also be a good choice.

try to update your Maya to 2016. they made a huge change in 2016 so probably it fixes the error mssg.
(or maybe wait a little bit longer for 2017 to come. next month :P)