Import rigged model from Maya

Hello everyone, I have a problem that I hope could be solved by someone around here.
I modeled an architectural space in Rhino 6 and now would like to add some people in it. I have downloaded a rigged Maya model so that I could choose their pose and figured I could then export them to fbx files and lastly import them into Rhino. My problem is that when I try to open the fbx file with Rhino I can only see it in its original shape, not the one I modified with Maya. I made sure to check the “animation” box in the Maya to fbx export process, but it’s the same. Is what I’m trying to do possible, and if so, what am I doing wrong?
I’m sorry I’m self taught and don’t know the right terms for everything (plus English is not my native language), I hope I made myself clear.
Thank you in advance to anyone who will answer!

Ciao Sofia,
first of all, to be sure Maya is exporting correctly, I would try to import the fbx file back in Maya to see if the shapes are as expected.
If the file is correct I would try to disable the Animation options because I think Rhino can import only the first keyframe (don’t know but a solution could be to save the modified objects to a new maya file and then export from that file to fbx).
Another way could be to use obj format (but it saves only meshes…)


Saving as obj seems to have worked, thanks so much for the suggestion! I actually only need the mesh in Rhino, so it’s fine as it is.
Anyway, just for the sake of knowledge, Maya couldn’t actually open the fbx file, so there was obviously a problem in the export process. Changing the animation option didn’t help.
Still, I found a solution that fits my needs and that’s actually all that matters!
Thanks again,


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