Exporting from rhino to sketchup pro (on mac)

I am struggling in exporting my rhino model to sketchup. I tried saving in different files including SKP, COLLADA, OBJ. when i save on skp i have an alert writing : The exported model has 68 mesh edges shorter than what Sketchup considers valid. There may be missing faces when it is opened in SketchUp.
Need help ASAP!!
Many thanks ! Yuval

Did you try exporting to SKP as is? Did it have missing faces? If it doesn’t then don’t worry about that message box. If you do get missing faces then I think you can use this method to get around it. (I say think because it’s been a while since I’ve tinkered with that stuff.) In Rhino, scale your model larger by an order of magnitude or two (until you no longer see the message box on export). At this point you can save as is and scale it back down in Sketchup or you can make a block out of it and scale it back down in Rhino prior to export. The problem is with the geometry itself and the scale transform gets around that.