Exporting from 3dm to dwg/dxf but only wireframe remains

Hi guys,

I’m trying to export my 3dm project to dwg or dxf. But after exporting, only a wireframe mesh remains. All the surfaces are gone. Could someone help?

It’s something in either the export or import settings, because I just tried on another 3dm file and the same thing happens

3dm and dwg files can be found in this link: https://we.tl/vtEhwt3dtO

I did some further testing, I believe it’s something to do with my export settings, but I can’t figure out what or where… I also don’t remember changing anything to the settings…

I normally always use export scheme “R12 Lines and Arcs”, which always used to work like a charm…

Hello - the export for surfaces/solids needs to be set in the dwg export options - the 2004 Solids dwg export scheme should work.


Hi ,

thanks for the feedback.

This scheme seems to work, thanks for the suggestion.

It’s weird though, I could have sworn I’ve always used R12 Arcs and Lines until now and never had this problem before.

Also “2004 solids” is the only scheme which exports solids/surfaces? Thats also seems weird to me?