Convert rhino file into DWG

Hi everyone
I want to convert this rhino file into DWG. I try many ways but I cant do it…could you please help me for that? in AutoCAD, its top surface just be converted. I need the front view of it.
wall origami rhino file.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello - what happens when you try to export as dwg?
If you need a mesh, try:
SelDup and delete or hide the duplicates.
Select all the remaining lines and run MeshFromLines. Export the resulting mesh to dwg.


just the top view was exported to DWG file while I choose the front view to export.
I just need the lines not mesh.

Does this file have what you need?

junk.dwg (131.9 KB)


yes…thank you so much…how do you get it?

I just Exported, with the Front view active. (DWG 2007 Solids, though I doubt that matters here)


thank you.
you did a lot for me…my mistake was I choose default option instead of solids…thanks