Dimensions do not export correctly to DWG

I’m using 2007 Natural.

R6 3dm:

DWG export:


R6.3dm (124.2 KB) dwg.dwg (39.5 KB)

Hello - can you look at my export? If I bring it back into Rhino it lines up with the original here.
x.dwg (39.4 KB)

This is what I get when opening your file in R6

This is in AutoCAD 2017

Hello - if I import the dwg to a new Rhino file that has your Part Drawing annotation style, it looks correct; if that style is not present it look like what you show.


Our cutting department has to use AutoCAD to process these into G-code. They can’t even read the dimensions - they’re so small. They’re also in decimal format instead of fractions. And they’re in the wrong layer and using random font (which we could care for less).

We need to have the text readable/same size as 3DM in our dwg exports. And fractions need to stay fractions just like decimals need to stay decimals. Cutting department goes through hundreds of these every day. This is gonna kill 'em.

in R5 exports fractions at least stay fractions and dim text size is preserved.

It looks to me that the change in R6 to all text to incorporate them into “annotation styles” seems to have broken a lot more than it improved. This isnt the only post with problems with the dimensions or text in R6.

This is the guy from the cutting department and I just wanted to add something. When opening drawings, I am given a blank screen. I then need to use the zoom (zoom_e) command to see the drawing.


Hi - I see that here as well and filed this issue as RH-54936.
It looks like it is possible to embed these style elements into the DWG file format, and, for the time being, exploding your dimensions into text objects might be a doable workaround.

Uhm, doable but not acceptable.

Thanks! In Rhino the dimension size is still readable (size-wise), but in AutoCAD it’s way too small.

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