Exporting Blocks to Sketchup doesn't preserve layers (tags)

When exporting to Sketchup content of blocks gets correctly assigned to the corresponding layer, however the containing blocks go to “Untagged” layer in Sketchup.

This is quite problematic in larger models.

It would be great if blocks were tagged the same as their source Rhino model.

I use Rhino 8.0.23039.8305, 2023-02-08 btw

Hi @Daniel_Krajnik

I’ve logged this RH-74095 Sketchup export block tags

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Hi @Gijs

When you can could you look through this too?

Let me know if you need me to clarify or specify anything I would be happy to do so.

Thank you.

@ShynnSup thanks for the link. I’m discussing this with @tim who just committed the change for the issue linked above. I will need to get hold of a more capable version of Sketchup to fully understand and test what you need though. The online version does not support layers it seems.

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