Export to SketchUp

Did some tests with the latest WIP - export to 2021 format.

  1. There is no way to adjust the meshing like with export to .3ds format.
  2. Solids are not preserved - they should be groups with their names and layers preserved.
  3. Faces are on the corresponding layer of the solid, but edges are untagged - in Sketchup only the groups and components should be on layers (tags) - the geometry should be untagged.

Has this been different in the past?

No, but maybe could be improved in the new version.

This would be interesting. I’ve been exporting a lot of climbing wall related projects to Sketchup. Usually I export whatever I want to export from a metric Rhino file, import it into an imperial Rhino file and create or recreate the blocks there. In Sketchup I get components in the right scale.

Yes, Rhino blocks are exported as components with their names preserved, but the layer of the block is not preserved, and the geometry inside a component is tagged all wrong.

I think it would be helpful for developers if you could illustrate the problems with sample files.

Simple box with a name will do just fine.