Importing 3D files into Rhino with layers

Hi there! I’m new to Rhino and having trouble with importing a Sketchup file that has layers. When I import the file, the layers don’t seem to be recognized. To get around this, I exported the file to AutoCAD 3D and then imported it to Rhino. However, I’ve noticed that there’s a layer called “0” that contains all the other layers. Can you advise me on how to delete this layer or unlink it from the other layers? Thank you for your help!

This has to do with how SketchUp “components” are converted to AutoCAD “blocks”. In your SketchUp file, you have to make sure the geometry in the component has a tag, not just the component as they can have different tags. This goes for groups, too, I think.

It’s never perfect. I will sometimes export a complex file in parts so I can have more control over how I put it back together.

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Alright! Thank you for your response. I will be checking on that right away.