Export to mesh includes Edge Softening - any way of changing this?

Hi there,

I have noticed that on objects with edge softening on, they continue to have softened edges in exported .STL files. I can understand the sense in why this has been done, in a ‘what you see is what you get’ way. I think it wasn’t the case in RH5 and previous versions (maybe RH6 too), as I remember having to export the render mesh to get the softened edges when I wanted them. I was wondering though if there is any way to turn this off as the default?

Currently on a lot of parts I’m modelling I have to be very aware of remembering to turn edge softening off when exporting for production when I’ve turned it on for rendering, and was hoping I could tweak a setting somewhere so I don’t have to do this every time.

Thanks and all the best!


Hi Rupert -

There is no setting for that, no.
You could select the objects that you are going to export and then run this macro:

-_Properties _EdgeSoftening _On _EnterEnd

Then export and run Undo to turn edge softening on again for those objects that had it on.

Dear Wim,

Thanks, good to have a workaround!

All the best.