How to remove edge softening from all objects

Hi all,

I’m trying to remove edge softening from some objects, not just turn it on and off.
Is there a way to do that?
I found this searching the help but didn’t understad how to do it.


Any idea?

Hi Joaquin - run ApplyEdgeSoftening > RemoveAll


Thanks Pascal!

Hi Pascal,

for the Rhino 6 Beta i have a big wish in regards to _ApplyEdgeSoftening, can you make this please cancelable ? I have accidentally applied it and saved the file. If i reopen the file, it seems to recalculate the edge softening forever, even when i cancel the render meshing and after Rhino told me it switches to wireframe display, it hangs, so i killed it.

I’ve managed to import the file into another document, turned edge softening off while in wireframe. Next i reduced my rendermesh settings and enabled edge softing again, which ran much faster. In such cases it would really help to cancel edge softening.