Export to dxf

Hello! Please tell me how to save each element in a separate file in dxf format as polylines, not curves. That is, if you explode a polyline, you get circles and lines. In the example of 5 elements

You could use Elefront to export to dxf. I use that to export to laser cutting company

You could/should also edit the scheme of export in Rhinoceros



Hey ist there an Option to export it with diffrent colors?

If I remember well you’ll have to put a color to the layer.

No it is more like this:

at first you have two kinds of layer. One is for cutting and the otherone is fro scratching.
so now you put you desing into the make2d component of gh. afterwas all the lines are
in one layer. but it will be good if i can divide them to seperated layers which belongs
to the conditions I admit at first.