Dxf export problem

Sorry for my bad English… I’m using a translator. :slight_smile:

I have a problem on rhino, exporting dxf files to other software, or directly to a digital machine like masterwood.

It’s a 2d drawing, just polylines, and arcs of circles.
When I open my dxf file on my machine or another software, the arcs of circles, or splines come out with breaks… in several straight segments.

When I record, I do File> export selected files> I choose dxf and the record name, option> modify pattern> lines arc polyline are in polyline and curves polycurves are in splines.
the other boxes below are not checked.

I have tested many solutions and I still have my curves in segments.

is there a special function on rhino to avoid this?
On autocad I had no problem, you can choose the definition of the arcs by the number of points.

Thank you for your help.

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doesn’t anyone export to dxf? for other software?

Hi Vivien - if you bring the dxf file back into Rhino, do the curves look correct?
Can you post screen shots of the dxf settings you use in Rhino?


hi pascal, no problem re-importing dxf into rhino.

I use rhino as much for my job as for my personal projects. I have a little digital thing.
I’ve already had this problem on a software at work, and now it’s on Cabide Create, a software to set up tools for my little machine.

Hi Vivien - I would set Arcs= Arcs and see how that works - polylines seems like exactly what you do not want, if I understand:


Okay, I do, but I think I’ve already tried…

is that I would like all curved shapes to be hinged and not and multi-segmented.
Then I have the impression that it also depends on the software where I want to import it…

Actually, you were right, I’ve tried so many times, I didn’t have to do this one.

I set arc in spline, too.

And the result is correct.

Thank you, Pascal. :wink: