Batch Export Panels To DXF Using Groups

I am working on a large assortment of panels that are defined by curve boundaries. Inside these boundaries, there is more linework for engraving. I have grouped each panel as curves. The problem I am trying to solve for is exporting each group as a separate dxf file for CNC egnraving. I have tested grasshopper operations based on layers but not on groups.

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Have you tried Pancake Pancake | Food4Rhino ?

Pancake is good. A little complicated but it works well. thanks Keyu @gankeyu :+1:

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Hi Keyu, I will test this out, thanks for the reference.

Hi Keyu,

I ran your plugin using the script it does work for one export, however, if I want to select multiple layers and export to export separately, it still exports as one file.

Elefront also has an Export component, which allows you to export to different file formats, and in different groups. It doesn’t specify how the information will be split up, you have to group them yourself, but that also gives you the freedom to do it by layer, attributes, whatever scheme you’d like.

Pancake may well do what you need, just offering other options. Elefront is on food4rhino or in the package manager.

[Edit] Example:

Is there one layer per file or multiple layers in one file? You will need to sort the data yourselves. Each branch of Geo/Layer/ObjAttr contributes to one file. How do you decide which layer the geometry should go into?

Besides, by Group, are you referring to the Group in Rhino or Group in Grasshopper? They are slightly different. For Rhino’s group, you need to read group ID from Object Attributes:

As for Grasshopper’s group, for example:

It’s very difficult to guess your practice without files.

Hi there I can post some files for you. With group, I was referring to group in Grasshopper. I attempted this by using a boundary to group curves inside it, it’s too taxing on my machine. I think I will have to go the layering route, however, I still need to automate it. So yes multiple layers in one file. What interested me about your script is the possibility to output multiple files from one master file. Is this something it can do?

Yes. But the exact way to do it depends on how the geometry is organized in your Grasshopper file.