How to export the nested sheets to DXF for CNC


I came this far but now I do not know how to export just the nested sheets so I can use it in my CNC machine.

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They will need to be well organized (to get into tree branches, referenced from Rhino) to be able to export via Elefront (lots of 4.3 examples out there)

Delete the geometry you don’t want to export? :roll_eyes:

If you have 10 sheets that means 10 exports to do. For my example I had to make one dxf for one piece, and I had some hundred of pieces. So I was happy to have a script to do that. Elefront plugin was there very helpful.

Ah, so. Pancake plugin also has good export features as I recall.

Thank You, I will try. I thought there would be a super easy way to export the files. They are all sorted into a row of 60 sheets that is packed with the cuts I need to do. It is pieces for a full room so it is a massive amount that I need to export. I can not even select the sheets to export them.

Unfortunately, the OpenNest ‘Spacing’ value controls both spacing between parts on a sheet and spacing between sheets. Would be better if they were two different inputs but maybe a small value wouldn’t hurt and be a good idea anyway?

Alternatively, the ‘Sheets’ output of OpenNest should allow you to separate the sheets and contained parts programmatically for export.

P.S. Like this method for separating parts into branches, one per sheet:

I am fine getting all sheets out in one file. I can seperate them myself in Vetric (My CNC software). All the parts have numbers. In the picture you see all the sheets in a long row. When I try to print them it says “Select the Item you want to export” and I can not find a way to select them. When I print I only get the Rhinofile without the grasshopper so it is just the few parts that build the room. I fully understand that it sounds like I am rambling but I can not explain in a better way. Maybe the simple questtion is: How do I select the long row of sheets?

I can’t answer all your questions, in part because you haven’t posted any file but mostly because I don’t know Pancake and barely know OpenNest.

This creates one .dxf file per sheet, with or without using the pcecDXF (!?) so I must be missing something… :thinking: But the .dxf files contain only the outer curves supplied to OpenNest while the Transform geometry is missing, as expected.

Oh, wait :exclamation: When I wire the Transform output to Cull it is exported to the .dxf files!! (360.6 KB)
sheet_0.dxf (346.9 KB)
sheet_1.dxf (363.2 KB)

This purple group converts the Transform output to boundary surfaces. Not sure it’s better? (361.5 KB)

sorry, this might look like a very stupid question: are you baking the GH content into Rhino before trying to export them?

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That would be wrong, eh. :roll_eyes:

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Yes, I look at the file in Rhino and try to export them from there.

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Export the OpenNest geometry directly from Grasshopper.

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I will try this, thanks. That must be it