Export surface with applied thickness in properties as solid

I have already modeled some buildings, where almost all object have a thickness applied from the properties tab in rhino (walls, doors, windows). When trying to export the file, of course, all the surfaces export without the “visual” thickness. Is there an option to “bake” that thickness, so I can get solids when exporting (and also in rhino)? Is this “thickness” option only a visual thing and you can never get the actual solids that are displayed as actual objects?

Hi @kraken747
Use ExtractRenderMesh to, well… extract the render mesh of the thickened objects, hide the original objects and export the extracted ones. Note that the extracted objects are - as the name indicates - meshes rather than NURBS.
HTH, Jakob
EDIT Use the same command to extract piped curves, objects with shut lining, rounded edges and displacement.

Thank you! Hopefully meshes work in my render software later

Hi @kraken747
Sure! Most (if not all!) render engines converts NURBS to meshes anyway. What engine are you using?