Apply thickness Rhino 6 BAKE

I currently have some issues trying to “Bake” the thickness applied when using the new Rhino 6 command “apply thickness”.
I have been modelling in T-splines and converted my object to a rhino polysurface. The new command makes a perfect thickness to my model, but I am not able to extract the geometry.

The result is different from offsetsrf where the polysurface is not closed, and surfaces are intersecting and over extruding eachother.

Does anyone now how to extract this in Rhino 6? Please let me know. Would be a lifesaver!

Those effects are only rendering tricks. That means that you can extract that information but it will be mesh-only.
(I suppose you could then SubD that and turn it into NURBS again after that…).

At any rate, use ExtractRenderMesh.