Export Sketchup to Revit Models when I have a curve form- Use Rhino

Dear Sir/Madam
Hello, I reach you in order to kindly ask you, is there any way to export Sketchup to Revit Models when I have a curve form? Meanwhile, EvolveLab’s plugin (For transferring SKP to Revit) best solution only can set up for cubic volumes with straight lines but when we have curvilinear free-forms it cannot handle because as you know SKP interface is based on mesh and Revit or Rhino has NURBS interface. Therefore, when I import SKP file(I have tried to export in different version and solution)(IFC,…) then the roof or wall transform to triangular shape as mesh surface and I cannot use roof or wall toolbar in Revit. Indeed, I wonder to have one shape to make it roof or door in Revit. (Nurbs Surface- attachment file)
Furthermore, I have imported SKP file to the Rhino6 in order to use the Meshtonurb command (Reverse engineering a mesh into a smooth surface) but unfortunately, Rhino still preserves all the original facets so it wouldn’t be too helpful for me. Is there any third party Rhino plugins or solution that make an attempt to smooth the surface (Nurbs) in order to use in Revit?
It would be your kindness if you assist me to export Sketchup to Revit Models when I have a curve form. Thanks in advance.
P.P: I have tested the SharkCAD Pro-AP or ViaCAD 10 software in order to transform my file but unfortunately they automatically transform all mesh surface (Curve form) to Nurbs surface (Even straight lines) and you miss your main idea and also form.
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Hamidreza Khademi

There’s no easy way to ‘reverse engineer’ a mesh into a NURBS solid… sorry. It is possible but it’s a huge topic. See https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/reverseengineering for some info, a tutorial, plug-ins, and other options. You can also search this site for “Reverse Engineering”.

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