Rhino Mac to Sketchup

I am french, not very fluent in English, so forgive my mistakes. I’m studying design and I use rhino every day, but recently I am looking to have simple and quick rendered. To do this, I want to spend my modeling on Sketchup. I download skp export, but lack of information, I do not know how to installer, and especially I do not know if it is compatible with mac.
can someone help me?

thank you


are you using the latest version of rhino for Mac? if so, there’s a built in sketchup importer/exporter.

no need to download anything else.

File-> Export… choose sketchup from the drop down menu.

or File-> Import works with .skp.

Hello how about Linking Sketchup Models? I am design a tensile fabric structure in rhino, that will cover a bldg being designed by another office in sketchup. What’s the best way to link a SKP in a revit model so that it can be updated? Whats the best model Workflow? Should the SKP exist in a separate Rhino model and get inserted in to my primary Rhino model? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

‘linking’? i don’t see that happening anytime soon… moreso from the sketchup side as it’s not exactly the friendliest of apps for talking to other apps.

the closest i’ve seen so far is someone attempting to use grasshopper and linking to sketchup.

it doesn’t make much sense to me as is because everything is rhino/grasshopper then a one-way street to sketchup.

as far as sketchup->revit… i don’t know… i’ve never used revit

i sometimes collaborate with people using sketchup though i do all my modeling in rhino… basically, i just redraw a few necessary bits of info from their .skp… the bits i need to butt up to or whatever… then model as normal in rhino off that…

then export out to sketchup (now via .skp export where previously i used .dae or .3ds) and insert my model in theirs.

in other words, i’m not quite sure there’s a ‘best’ way to do these multiapp things right now… some sort of workarounds must occur and you’ll just have to experiment to find what best suits your situation.

I have the new version of rhino but I do not have the export format Sketchup in my settings. I think I have to install the plugin, but I did not succeed … Do you know the process ?

you don’t download anything… there is nothing available to download for mac in this regard… you’re looking at windows stuff i imagine.




it would be nice if it happened like that … but I have no Sketchup format on my version of rhino. I have not done the update Yosemite and I just saw that my version of Rhino was to expire on October 6. so I’m not up to date in Rhino … perhaps the problem come from there. I will do the updating.

correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no version grasshoper for rhino on mac?

You’re not wrong.

yes, perhaps :dizzy:

how about just the teaser/tester version for mac… it only* needs position, copy, scale, & rotate… and let it accept trig etc.

(* i say ‘only’ but who knows… that’s probably ahelluva lot in and of itself)