Export as sketchup file skp fails to export curves only surfaces

Trying sketchup (free) to match model to perspective photo given failings of Rhino.
You have to open a skp file for the model, nothing else supported.
Their perspectiveMatch allows selection of edges in photo using two handled ‘bars’ and the vanishing lines match the photo, looking good so far…,

My truck opens but with origin at its rear end yet origin was set to lower rear rhs cab in Rhino.

I also dont see the curves forming that area so that I can re-site the origin using Sketchup tool for doing so.
Try again, no option in Rhino to export curves, an option to export planar regions as polygons I have ticked.

Select the entire model, file export sketchup, still only see all surfaces both planar and also non planar on model in Sketchup.

One then places the Perspective match origin tool on picture for same origin as for model, in my case rear cab base corner, however if unble to have it there on model I cant finish what would appear to work, and its a free prog.

Two days fiddling with perspective match and this would work, but Rhino export curves fails me.

Stuffed again :frowning:

decided to create surfaces there, export as skp, sketchupconverter.exe has stopped working.

relaunch rhino try again same error.
relaunch rhino try yet again different file name took 1 minute or more, timer symbol. then success, Is this normal ?



Not even sure that basic Sketchup even supports curves… --Mitch

oh great :frowning:surely a CAD prog uses curves ?

points to skp export as not of use ?

also sketchup fails to deliver the result, the perspective in fact matched but when I scaled model to picture height the length was somewhat less than model which is accurate.
back to the drg board :frowning:

My recollection is basic Sketchup only supports lines, planes, arcs, cylindrical and spherical surfaces. No arbitrary curves or surfaces. It’s been a while since I looked at Sketchup and I just looked at their website. Difficult to find out what type of geometry either the free “Make” or paid “Pro” versions support.

Some confusion here about the term ‘curves’.
SketchUp has no real arcs or circles (curves). A circle in SketchUp is made up of many short line segments (which is user controlled to determine how smooth the resulting object is). But it’s not really a circle or an arc, it’s just a sequence of short straight lines.

But can you actually import polylines from, say, a .dxf into Sketchup? --Mitch

yeah, you can.
you should also be able to export straight from Rhino to SketchUp:
(that said, if they’re anything but straight line segments in rhino, they’re pretty much going to be junk in sketchup :wink: )

…not sure why they’re not showing up for steve… @steve1, can you upload an example .3dm that you’re unable to open properly in sketchup upon exporting from rhino?


rhino file attached, the purple lines fail to appear in sketchup.

also attached the skp file made from Rhino. (crazy skp not authorised !..made it a zip instead!)

I am running sketchup as it installs, not changed anything.

Rhino into sketchup line issue.3dm (6.7 MB)

Rhino sketchup export lines not seen test.zip (11.4 KB)


Curve export is not described in Rhino SKP help.
But you can export curves separately as DXF Polylines and Arcs
In SketchUp, import as DXF under options check “Preserve drawing original” and select correct units.

this works for me… if i open your example file in rhino then export as .skp, the file opens as expected in sketchup with the curves intact.

that said, i’m on mac so maybe there’s something different in the rhino for windows exporter? not something i can test though.

Not here.

Thanks guys,
Clearly Rhino has a sketchup skp windows export bug.
just my luck ! :frowning:
Can anyone from Rhino add light to this ?
Get it flagged up for fixing?

not sure how one does the @ thing to draw this to the developers attention.

Meanwhile I try to add to the model in sketchup the ‘curves’ using export selected as dxf R12 natural, then use import in sketchup and get a much larger model with thick black lines. I had hoped it would add the lines to the surfaced one already there, now I have two models.

Why is it a different scale ? and those default lines, far too thick.

Wish Rhino has sketchups perspective match method as an option, outperformed by a free prog.


I got this exporting as an skp 2021 file and opened in SketchUP Pro 2021