Export PDF - incorrect scale and positioning on output

the Print setting preview differs from the exported PDF. Especially the centering fails if using other than “Scale to fit”. The bounding box on the model is precisely in 1:7 A3 measurements.
This video explains the issue. Using Version 7 SR23 (7.23.22275.9001, 2022-10-02).

This topic or similar was dealt with previously at least here on mac.

Dear @Toni_Osterlund

Did you try to set the window after you entered the 1:7 scaling ?

is the generated pdf wrong in size ?
or is the area the wrong area ?
or both ?
… ah sorry this info is in the title - BOTH

I checked a save as pdf
on mac - works fine at least with the file posted in the old topic.
on windows - buggy. A3, 100dpi, 1:7, preview seams wrong, output once nearly (99.97 instead of 100) correct, second time totally wrong scale…

so i can confirm the bug for Windows
Rhino 7 SR24 2022-11-4
(Rhino 7, 7.24.22308.15001, Git hash:master @ cb2ad12922ceb989b185972675bb705a00abb97d)

I avoided setting the window, as I have hundreds of pages to print, and looking forward to automating this. Currently, I’m using printing through generated Layouts, but it has its issues, and I’m browsing through my options here. If the window is set, then the page looks to be correct.

The position of the drawing is incorrect, and sometimes the scale is also incorrect. This seems to depend heavily on which parameters I “touch” on Print dialog. The preview is all over the place and seems to have no correlation with the final outcome.

Here’s a video showing the erratic behavior of the preview.

someone of mcneel needs to look at this ;-(

Hi -
This appears to have been fixed in Rhino 8.
Also, this seems correct when using the Print command in Rhino 7.

@Win @Tom_P

Hi Win, I respectfully disagree.

The same erratic behaviour of the Print preview can be observed in WIP (8.0.22333.12305, 2022-11-29).

I’m attempting centered 1:7 geometry on A3 sheet with Extends of selected objects.

Hej Toni -

(I guess Win will be surprised to get a message from you… :see_no_evil: )
At any rate, yes, I was writing up a report for the preview part of this issue, and, now the final PDF output went wrong here on the WIP as well.

I’ll make sure it’s on the list. Thanks.
RH-71708 File IO: Export to PDF: Preview shows wrong position


And my apologies to Win for the disagreement.

I also was able to get a nice export on the first go…
do not shut down rhino and do multiple settings, multiple test-exports and then everything is going wrong…

@Win and @wim
you should get to know each other and drink a beer.

@wim @Tom_P
This is not an answer to this bug, but I constructed a super fast script to do exactly what I want. With the added option to “print” out individual files as well.

Have not tested this on multiple files, but at least on this file, it is unbelievably fast churning out PDFs.