Print preview doesn't match PDF when setting position offset

The preview doesn’t seem to match the outputted PDF when you set the position offset which can make it difficult to position stuff on the page.

Destination: Rhino PDF
Size: A4
Size: Landscape
Output Type: Vector Output
View and Output Scale: Extents
Scale: 1:25
Margins: 0
Offset From: Upper Left
X = 10, Y = 10

Rhino version: 6.20.19322.20361, Windows

Print Preview:

Generated PDF:

rhino_file.3dm (61.1 KB)

Hi Mark - here’s what I get - is that what you expect? Can you post the pdf you get?
Untitled6a.pdf (1.1 KB)

is that what you expect?

No, yours seems to be centred. The preview shows it in the top left of the page.

Here’s the generated PDF which seems to be horizontally centred and at the bottom of the page.
test.pdf (1.1 KB)

Hello - Sorry, missed a couple of settings - here is my preview, with, I think, your settings - different from your preview…

The pdf print matches that… there’s a step I’m missing someplace.


Try setting “View and Output Scale” to Extents

Got it now, thanks

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@pascal Any progress on the bug that was filed 3 months ago?

Hi Mark - that bug report is open to the public so you can always check the status. This one is currently targeted for a 7.x release which means that it will be looked at sometime after Rhino 7 has been released.

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