Export from rhino to revit and parametrize the model

Hi everyone…I need help with my project.
I did this tunnel model with #grasshopper but now I have to export this in #revit and #parametrize all the elements cause I have to do a #5D #BIM model.
I exported the model using a #rhinoinsiderevit tool and it works properly.
To parametrize the elements I used the “column” command for the circular tubes but I have a problem with the steel curved beams around the section. If I use the “beam” tool it becomes red and it does not export the section.

Does someone have any knowledge about this problem and know how I can solve it?

Model 1 Sez_A-A KEY-PLAN (1R) 14P.gh (126.9 KB)

Hope I explained it well…otherwise ask me everything.
Thank you

Since you are using a System Family of Beams is there a way to create the correct beam shape in Revit?

The sweep needs to be a straight line or arc on a plane.

Here is an example:

I will take a closer look at your definition.

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Do you have a definition that is the one curve and trying to create the one beam.

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I don’t have a definition to define an arc by one curve because that arc is made of circles that have different centers to have the right shape of the tunnel (it’s how they project it :sweat:).
So that arc is made of 3 curves and then I joined them.

Is there a way to export just the curve in revit and have the possibility to create there a family beam?

I don’t think revit can have a beam directrix as a polycurve, so if you want a single element then it needs to be a nurbs version (else don’t join the arcs and get 3 beams).
I’m not sure if the NcNeel development for grasshopper inside revit can already build framing elements with a nurbs directrix. If you’re willing to consider 3rd party plugins, this is functionality offered by the Geometry Gym developments. It can be baked directly to revit when running inside revit, or can run outside of revit and the exchange conducted via an IFC file.

Here’s how to use our components to achieve this.
Model 1 Sez_A-A KEY-PLAN (1R) 14P.gh (127.3 KB)