Export to revit beams with a rotated section, non-flat panels and circular panels


Can you please tell me whether it is possible to transfer with the help of the Geometry Gym to the revit beams with a rotation of the section along the normal, not flat panels, as well as circle panels?
and if it is possible to add the following parameters to the family when exporting?

Unit measurements
Dimensional values (length, area - depending on the object, beam, panel)

ggMeshPanelBeam.gh (50.1 KB)

Hi, yes all this is possible.

There are heaps of examples here which can get you started. You can download them all as a zip if you like.


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Hi Anna,

Here’s a starting point for generating revit elements from your inputs. Some of the other requests are possible, dimensions is something that is on our roadmap.

Hope it helps,


ggMeshPanelBeam.gh (165.7 KB)

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Try to use the (Rhino-Inside Revit) plug-ins into Grasshopper

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Jon, Thank you very much for the detailed answer !!!