Export from Layout in Rendered View ISO - Ground Plane [Bug]

Hi everyone,

I am trying to export a PDF in Render mode in ISO from a layout.

There seems to be horizon line which really messes up the drawing. When I deactivate the ground plane it goes away. I don’t think this was intended.

Change the Viewport projection from Parallel to Perspective or Two Point Perspective and the horizon line will go away.

Any luck?

Hi John,

Yes, but that changes the whole perspective… I might as well change it to “Wireframe” and the horizon will also go away…

It is clearly a bug, why can’t you report it already so that it gets fix asap and I can export render views from layout…

Hello? Will this get fixed anytime soon?

Bug or not, you can make the horizon go farther back by adding some other object to the scene and moving it “up” out of view of your viewport.

No, not anytime soon, as the tools are working as designed and intended.
Because of the odd projection you’re using you see this. I agree it’s not a good look but accommodating these settings in this way were never part of the design.

That means the only option is a work-around as have been suggested.

Odd projection? It a simple Isometric, a default view that ships with Rhino…

You make it sound like I am hacking the program and exploiting something that was not designed…

The layout was designed to arrange views in one single sheet and be printed. I am doing just that. And yes, this includes setting the layout view in any view I please as well as the display mode. In this case, Isometric, Rendered.

The only object in my scene is a prismatic volume. That is the only thing exerting a shadow.
Are you telling me that having a black line, which has a shadow, coming from nowhere, crossing my entire scene was designed and working as intended?

That is some shitty design for sure.

Never blame the user for legitimately using the software within the possibilities offered just because you failed to consider every possible scenario. It seems this was never considered and thus left undesigned.

That is not the same as working as designed and intended. How can you intend something that was never designed to be used that way?? That is a contradiction right there.

As things are you have two options, or leave this feature and fix it or directly eliminate it, and do not allow the user to set the layout view in Isometric and Rendered, which would be quite an odd impediment.

You misunderstand my description.
The issue is the parallel projection you’re using in a non-planer display.
Rhino just wasn’t designed to be used this way.
Parallel projects were intended for planer views like Top. Front, and Right.
Perspective or 2-point Perspective projections were intended for displays when you’re not looking straight down an axis.

Your’s is the first comment I’ve heard about this since Rhino war released many years ago.

The take away here is because this is part of how Rhino was designed, there’s not going to be a easy or quick fix.

I am not sure I did exactly what you described, but it did not work.



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I tried to think good of you guys, but it seems this was actually intended then.

So it is shitty design then. At this point I don’t care how long it takes, I will export without plane shadow for now. But it needs to be fixed, that is out of discussion.

What are these for then? These get “Parallel” projection by default when you click on them.

Then why is this combination possible to achieve? The user should not be able to select Rendered display when the projection is parallel then…

It’s an unintended consequence of a variety of design considerations with separate commands that happened over many years.

You happened to choose a combination that clearly doesn’t work the way you need it to. I get that!

My point was it’s not going to be an easy or quick fix.

Understood, thanks John! Can you log it somewhere though? Maybe for Rhino 8, who knows.

I think it is, but I’ll check.
I added it just in case:

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My bad, I thought it would work but I am also getting the same problem…