Arctic Weird Horizontal Line on Isometric view


(Krypt Plague) #1

How to get rid of this Weird Horizontal Line on Isometric view when using the new Arctic View on Rhino 6
This issue has not been fixed since the first release of Rhino 6, and now I use (6.4.18093.10341, 4/3/2018) and still there.

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

Does this happen in Rendered mode as well?

(Pascal Golay) #3

Andy, I get this too in Arctic in certain view orientations ( and not in Rendered) Regular ground plane is off , it’s the Arctic GP.
I should say I can see this… sometimes - starting from scratch just now, I do not see it. Still poking…
Ah, OK - in a parallel view it shows up. And it does show in rendered if the GP is on.
V5 does the same kind of thing with a parallel view and ground plane, only more so.


(Krypt Plague) #4

so, will it be fixed soon?

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello - that is impossible to say at this point - it’s not even certain to be fixable.


(Krypt Plague) #6

Sorry, but how can it be not certain?! do you mean it’s hard to fix at this time? or it’s not happening or noticeable for most users?