Rendering a given isometric layout

Hello everybody.
I have a pretty complex problem - I am a landscape architect working with rhino and vray.
Ive been given a mission to create isometric in scale 1:1000. I got the layout for it and direction of the view with the dwg file as a layout, but rhino does not allow to render from layout, it says in the commend bar that I have to change to model. I tried to save the viewport from the layout, than set it in the model and render it but it loose the isometric and change it to perspective.
I need to render the render-elements sepratly - shadows, reflections - and to work them on photoshop, this is why its important for me to be able to render them over v-ray and not just to save it as a picture - so the option in view as rendered is not relevant for me, I am working on the textures in photoshop.

Any Idea how I can solve it?
Thank you.

Hello - when you get the view set up in the layout detail, use NamedViews to save it, then restore that named view in the modeling space.