Make 2d > third angle projection

when creating 2d > third angle projection drawings of parts, is there away to keep the perspective / isometric view of the part full size and to match the perspective view port [which I currently have set to parallel.

I used to do this in rhino 5, but has changed to a ‘snap shot’ in perspective view in rhino 6.

my current work around is to create the third angle drawings delete out the perspective drawing, then go back into my parallel view and generate a new drawing of the using the ‘view’ option.


Not sure exactly if you already know the feature (side panel) named views?


Hi, Thanks for reply.

I am aware of it, but have not worked with that much.

I just had a quick look / play, but was unable to see how this can help with the the make 2D output settings… do you know if this can indeed change the output setting for the third angle projection so I have a full size parallel drawing of the part?



Hi Andrew - we have an unsolved ticket for this issue - RH-641 (not open to the public).
I’ve added your request and a few comments to that ticket.

OK. Thanks for update Wim…

Regards, Andrew

HI Wim,

Just checking to see if this issue has been updated / resolved?

With regards,


Hi Andrew,
I’m afraid that’s still open at this point. I’ve given it a bump.

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