Exploring SubD in the Rhino 7 WIP / 9.17.19

Hi @brian , I hope we will still have the option to convert every SubD face to one NURBS face. Fewer surfaces will also be cool in many cases however for my current development I need simple “quad” surfaces when converting ToNurbs.
Thanks, Jess

Thanks for the feedback, symmetry for SubD is filed and I added your vote.

There are RemoveCrease and Crease commands now but a variably sharp crease is not yet supported. I added your vote to the filed request, thanks!


Thanks for the feedback, I added your comments for the developers to maintain an optional 1 to 1 conversion.

I think this will happen automatically when it is possible for the SubD to be represented by a single NURBS surface. But some SubD topologies (I daresay most) just can’t be represented by a single NURBS surface, so you’ll get more than one.

Hi Brian, sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant one NURBS surface for each SubD Face. Just the way it is right now when you convert ToNurbs.

Can´t wait to get the SubD fully Integrated. Are a long time user of TSpline and now Clayoo.

What I still miss in 7 WIP.

  1. Weld Points,
    Very good and easy instead of welding edges. Especially with complicated projects.

  2. Pipe curves.
    TSplines or Clayoo never managed to get their piping totally round, then it´s useless!

  3. Symmetry function,
    that works…

  4. Thicken surfaces/objects,
    very useful when making hollow items.

  5. SubD from curve
    Can only find from object?

  6. I often sculp with open objects and close holes in Nettfabb before printing. Open objects are easier to mold and sculpt. Capping and closing holes give difficult Splines. In 7 WIP i can´t extract faces in open objects only copy the faces…?

Keep up the good work.

RH-53220 is fixed in the latest WIP

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