Information on Rhino 7 WIP Insert Edge (Sub-D) command


Based on my limited understanding, I have created a Glove modeling demo using Rhino 7 WIP Sub-D.

However, I am not familiar with many of the intricacies of the Sub-D commands especially the Insert Edge. Basically, I used it based on my understanding of Blender’s Loop cut. However, it does not always perform as I have expected.
Anybody here kind enough to explain the details pertaining to Insert Edge or the other sub-D tools?

Thanks in advanced.

Around 12:30 instead of deleting the one face just use _InsertPoint. It works similarly to the Knife tool in Blender.

Also, you could have just added full ring loops in the beginning instead of just the ranged bits for the fingers. (:

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks so much for the info. …learnt from you that Insert Point is Knife equivalent in Blender. Was missing this essential command.

Now I feel more comfortable with it.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. the more Tutorials I see the better.