''ExplicitHistory'' doesn't show at my WIP

when i type ‘‘ExplicitHistory’’ at comment but it doesn’t work at all, after i restart my mac, but still…

its now also named Grasshopper.


ExplicitHistory in the command box still opens up grasshopper in my WIP, but it doesn’t show as a command, you still have to hit enter, as Richard says, you can now just type grasshopper and it should appear :slight_smile:

thank you~~ but it’s so weird. i have seen many people use grasshopper on mac.
so sad that it doesn’t work on mine :confused: or did i install the wrong one?

yes it’s definitely part of the WIP on the Mac side of Rhino, hopefully someone from McNeel will help you out :slight_smile:

from what i know still ist that when the 90 day evaluation licence runs out also grasshopper ceases to work.

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maybe you are right~ thank you so much

Hi @Truman_Chen-

Others have chimed in here and I don’t have much to add, but I’ll add anyway :wink:

Grasshopper is only available in the RhinoWIP. It only runs if you have purchased Rhino 5 for Mac or if you are in your 90-day evaluation window (Rhino 5 for Mac and the RhinoWIP use the same license).

We renamed the command back to Grasshopper.

The ExplicitHistory command still runs Grasshopper, but it does not autocomplete.

You can read more about this and other Grasshopper for Mac issues in the Grasshopper for Mac category.

I hope that helps clarify,