Can't open Grasshopper in 5D177W

I can find ExplicitHistory in the new build.

Try “Grassshopper”
and read the release notes:

Huh, ExplicitHistory should have also worked. Odd. Regardless, Grasshopper should work.

UPDATE: ExplicitHistory still runs, it just doesn’t autocomplete.

Yep, works under Grasshopper.

And under ExplicitHistory …the command just does not autocomplete, but it does work if you type ExplicitHistory and press enter Forget the old command…the new one is better :wink:

Just don’t try it with 3 "s"s …it might not work :smiling_imp:


Goood catch


in my Case no explicithistory, no Grasshopper and no Grassshopper works…

“Unknown Command”

after a restart of Rhino everything still runs! - strange…

Yeah, that’s pretty strange. No idea what is causing that.