Cant open Grasshopper with the command "grasshopper" or "_explicithistory"

I have a Mac book pro os and I really need Grasshopper for my projects.
I downloaded Rhino wip but wenn I want to open it with command “grasshopper” or “_explicithystory” it doesn’t work. what can I do ?

Is your 90-day eval time period expired?
If not expired, did your Validate your license?

Either one will keep Grasshopper from loading and running.

I have the same problem: nothing happens with either grasshopper or _explicithistory.

I only bought Rhino in the first place for access to Grasshopper, after an extensive and inspiring workshop on mathematical art and illustration using Grasshopper.

Since I’m faculty at a large university, our procurement staff bought me an Educational license.

Grasshopper is not in the released version of Rhino for Mac.
A partial implementation is included in the WIP.
If you own a permanent license of Rhino for Mac, you can ALSO download and install the WIP: