Mac user - Updated new RhinoWIP and now Grasshopper is lost!

When I type “ExplicitHistory” in the command bar Rhino doesn’t recognize the command. I have re-downloaded Grasshopper and deleted old copies a few times. I am running OS X Yosemite…would El Capitan make a difference?

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Hi LeafHopper-

Is the RhinoWIP able to save files? Does the RunPythonScript command autocomplete?

(I’m not sure what you mean by re-downloaded Grasshopper, as ExplicitHistory on the Mac is bundled with the RhinoWIP; it is not a separate install).


Thanks for your response Dan! RunPythonScript does not autocomplete in the command bar. I downloaded Grasshopper separately when it wasn’t recognizing ExplicitHistory. My license recently expired so I can’t save files anyway. I just completed a backup and now I am about to update to El Capitan to see if that works…

Upgrading to El Capitan is a good idea, but it won’t solve this problem.

As of the latest RhinoWIP, this is intended behavior. If you have an expired evaluation license, Rhinoceros and the RhinoWIP should switch into “Expired Evaluation Mode” - which essentially turns Rhino into a viewer. You cannot save, export files, load third-party plugins, nor run ExplicitHistory or RunPythonScript.

Ahhh! Okay. That is a bummer but I will be updating it soon anyway. Thank you for your help!