Exo Wireframe on two connected Geodesic Domes?


I’m trying to apply the Exo Wireframe (A) to a two connected layers geodesic shape (B)

The script produces an error and I think it’s due to the fact that three points are generated at each intersection (due to Discontinuity) and so it produces three overlapped lines each time, which I think create the error when it tries to produce the Exowire Frame. If I manually remove the other lines, the Exowire frame step works. What could I do to produce the connections between the two geodesic structure without having overlapped lines?


The last step would be to randomly generate the connected lines between the two layers, and their shape to be “fluid”. I’m having a trouble at this step too because I used «populate geometry» but it produces the same position of points on each line, so it’s not random. And when I try to connect them, the result is not fluid, I believe it’s because it’s not connected to a «node». Is there any way to have those random positioned connected lines with a more fluid and organic aspect ( (like the one at the intersection of the faces)?

ExoWireframe_Geodesicform.gh (13.9 KB)

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Your “random” links do not intersect with the lower dome.

I think the biggest issue are the links connecting the domes nodes.

Can you post the def which produced the image on the right?

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Thanks for your answer. The image “step 3” on the right was done by manually drawing lines between the two baked domes in rhino. Then, in grasshopper, I applied the Exowire frame to the drawn lines. But I was not able to draw it from scratch just using grasshopper…

It is a fun little puzzle. I will try to fix it tonight and I will get back to you :slight_smile:

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