Exo wireframe problem

I am trying to use exo wireframe to make a bone-like shape. I already clean the network using Topologizer. However, it still shows an error : “one or more struts is engulfed by its nodes”… I don’t know why this is happened.
Can anyone explain to me??
Please check my def below.
Exowireframe.gh (54.5 KB)

Thanks in advance


Don’t panic: ExoW does that (either for a reason … or not [blame Karma]).

Plan B: try Intra Lattice (worst results [by far] but works: kinda a Honda bike, that is).
Plan C: try stuff the likes of Mesh Lab (lot’s of bugs, steep learning curve).

Hi Peter,

hahah… nice explanation! I’ll go for plan B.


Be brave (and consider Plan Z: abandon ship).

ExoW (when it works):

Intra Lattice:


Peter you forgot plan LD (me) if nodes are on surface

Yikes + Yikes. Indeed I forgot that.

I apologize (to restore things I’ll mail you one of these days the notorious travelling salesdog C# where a dog sells used sardines to cats).

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Here’s the traveling sales dog puzzle:

Here’s the judge:

Here’s the promo trailer:

So … if you are ready for the challenge of a lifetime, drop a word.