Exoskeleton command (connects to origin?)

Hey all!

I am very close to the solution for my masterproject. It won’t be 100% parametric but now I have some more control about my design… Anyway…
I’ve a small problem, and i don’t know how this comes.
When i make a exoskeleton with a few lines everything is normal, but when i do this with many (3000 lines) it is sometimes connected to the origin. Anybody has a clue why or how to solve this?


File doesn’t seem to have uploaded correctly here.

In general when this type of stuff happens, you need to find the component where this occurs and look at the inputs/outputs using panels. Likely there is something going on with your data tree that is causing a mismatch - stuff you think is corresponding 1:1 but isn’t really.


I uploaded just 2 printscreens. Thanks for the tip. I will check my rhino file later today to find the problem :slight_smile:

OK, I only see one screenshot here and it while it shows the problem, it doesn’t help me much to try and determine the cause… --Mitch

I’ll upload my rhino and grasshopper file. It is nothing spectacular :stuck_out_tongue: Just splitting my problems in smaller pieces and then i bake them in rhino and join them together!
I thought the problem would be caused by double lines or something but that doesn’t seem to be the case

.inner structure.gh (162.2 KB)
structuur_finaal.3dm (14.2 MB)

This looks like something specific to the exoskeleton plug-in, and since it’s impossible to see what’s going on inside the component, I can’t really tell you what’s going wrong. It seems to be happening when two open line ends are fairly close to each other…