Exowireframe on diamond grid relaxed with Kangaroo


I’m trying to get this geometry 3D printed.


For that rather than doing a mesh pipe I’d like to create a smother joint in all the vertices, similar to


I’m trying to use exo wireframe on the script attached.

180411_eXOWIREFRAMEqUESTION_V1.gh (44.7 KB)

I believe the scrip is correct as it works with more regular geometry, but I think due to very stip angles it doesn’t work on the diamond grid. I would appreciate any help on this.

Thank you very much in advance,


Well …

  1. ExoW is temperamental (reports engulfing issues where there are none around).
  2. Intra Lattice is more eager to play ball but yields less nice looking meshes.
  3. Topologizer helps ExoW in some cases/values (wonder why).

Using: WB, IntraLattice, ExoW and Tolologizer (see Gates and Filters that redirect things accordingly).

NOTE: Always use a portion of your stuff to test variables (and shorten frustration).

NOTE: Do NOT put stuff for meshes far from global origin (not to place nor the time to explain that in depth).

NOTE: As Plan B … try a top subdivision app as well (like MODO) or that free freaky thingy (MeshLab).

Thicken_line_graphs_56A_V1.gh (63.5 KB)

For instance: this is a good looking EW mesh (but is open [ Karma is MIA, sorry]):

And this IL mesh is what we call “thanks but no thanks”:

Found some hybrid ancient thingy as well (it has some components AND … hmm … K1 099 [convert to K2 242 ASAP]).

Thicken_case2_V1.gh (151.2 KB)

From a flat grid to some liquid line graph (EW [hope dies last] or IL [hmm+hmm]):


just a question, why are you showing an image (that I did) not done with Exowireframe and saying you need exowireframe ?
I assume you have your reasons. But it is always good to give sources.