Everything gone... where to find Versions browser?

This is the second time I’ve come across this issue. After saving and closing down a Rhino project, I come back to open it and everything inside (all objects, all layers but 1, etc.) is gone.

I’m also looking for the autosaved versions of the project, but can’t find the versions browser that used to be under the File menu. Is this just a feature that has yet to be implemented, or can I find the autosaves somewhere else?


My desktop is in german, but did you try this?

The English file menu seems to have fewer items then in your German menu.
I too can’t find the version option on the WIP.


You´re right.

Sorry for the mistake …

Hmm that’s interesting — why wouldn’t there be feature parity amongst different languages of Rhino? Can us anglophones enjoy some autosave recovery too?

@dan - do you have any idea about this?



This is news to me. Can you please log a bug @pascal?

Note the first screenshot does not appear to be Rhino, but rather the desktop ah, er Finder… just in case you missed that.

Yeah, that was a bit quick and dirty, looking for the same menu entries in “Preview.app”

I am experiencing the same issue.
I am working on with a Rhino 5 model and my files are saved in dropbox. I was able to use the dropbox built in version history this morning, but after working on the file for a few hours today all of the saved versions from today are also empty. The only version with data in it is the one I restored from this morning.

edit: slight clarification

Just to make sure that I understood what you wrote…
You are working on a Rhino 5 model in the Rhino 6 WIP?

This issue that is logged is that the File > Revert To... menu item is absent. Is that what you are describing with “the saved versions are empty”?

CC: @marlin

Hi wim,

Yes, I’m working on a Rhino 5 file in Rhino 6 WIP (The file was created in Rhino 5.5.2).

I am also missing the File > Revert To… option in the menu, but that isn’t the problem I am referring to.

My file is saved in a dropbox folder and is being updated/archived every few minutes as it would be in a normal folder on mac. I used dropboxes built in “version history” function to revert to an older version of the file from yesterday that contained the model data. All of the file versions from today that I tried reverting to were all empty when opened.

File > Revert to… should be back in the latest RhinoWIP. Give it a try.


Amazing. Seeing it now. Thanks for being such responsive devs!!