Autosave files in Rhino OSX

I have a file that refuses to display content when I try to open it. I went online and saw a video about the .bak extension for windows Rhino files and tried renaming the file, still won’t open. I can’t find the autosave settings dialogue box in the Rhino interface and cannot find a autosave folder on my iMac.

Thanks for any help or advice

Study this…


Thanks so much for the information, my file is back. All that was needed was to go to the file menu and select browse all versions. Select the version that you want to return to and select the restore button under the file. I did have to change the file back to it’s original name to reactivate the browse all versions feature. Thanks again.

If anybody is working on a network server without native support of versions you can find the backup files in the Autosave Information folder of your local Library. Just look for the most recent file there.

Short addition: Local library means the one in your user folder.
Open Finder > Select “Go” > Press Alt Key > Click on “Library”.

Until the file is saved once it appears under the name “Unsaved Rhinoceros Document.3dm”.
If it is saved on a volume which supports versions afterwards it will disappear from the Autosave folder.
If it is saved on a volume which doesn’t support versions afterwards it will stay in the Autosave folder in a sub-folder (sort by date).