Rhino Mac Version History Missing

Hi there,

Regular Windows Rhino here on Mac today.
Unfortunately I’ve just suffer a crash which has cost me an hour or two’s worth of work.

I read the guide re: the differences between the way that auto-save works on Windows / Mac.
If I understand the guide correctly i should be able to access a version history under file > revert to > browse all versions. Unfortunately it seems I cannot access this (see attached)

I suspect this has something to do with the fact that I am working with a file saved in Dropbox, still, I had expected perhaps that there would be some way to recover a version locally somehow.

Do you have time machine for your mac set up? If not, your file will not be recoverable.

We do not recommend working directly from a drop box or any cloud drive for that matter. Save your working files locally, then make a copy as a backup to dropbox. That way you are protected against data loss two ways.

use goto and try ~/Library/Autosave Information