Every time I move the application freezes

Hi, I’m an architecture student working on a project. I am working on my master plan and every time I move, the application doesn’t respond and I can’t work on the file anymore. Can anyone try to help me find what the issue is? maybe too many hatches or too many intersecting lines?

I’ll leave a link to the zipped file on my google drive. No viruses in it, don’t worry.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Tobias, please run SystemInfo in your Rhino command line and return the results here. Thanks

This looks like maybe the file was imported from AutoCAD.
It has about 23 “print pages”. This is not a reasonable way to use Rhino.
This tutorial shows how to do architectural modeling with Layouts:

Your file opens okay here and has 2 “bad” hatches in it.
My guess is you have a computer that does not meet Rhino’s System Requirements.

As Nathan points out, running a Rhino that is way out of date with monthly service releases.